Pourquoi la Lune semble-t-elle être aussi grosse que le soleil?

Why does the Moon seem to be as big as the Sun?

Seen from Earth, the Sun and the Moon appear to be the same size. We can all see it when we observe a total solar eclipse and the two stars overlap.

However, our star, the Sun, has an enormous diameter of 1,392,684 km, while that of the Moon is 3,474 km. The Sun is therefore 400 times larger than the Moon.

However, the Sun is about 400 times farther from our planet than the Moon. It is about 149,600,000 km from Earth and while the Moon is only 384,000 km away. This beautiful coincidence allows this optical illusion.

Note that this question will no longer arise in 5 billion years since the Sun, at the end of its life, will grow, and its size should engulf the Earth and the Moon in particular.

But hey… 5 billion years should be enough to find refuge on another planet, right?
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