IT flies a spaceX rocket!

After 7 years of work, on July 24, he succeeded in launching a reproduction of a SpaceX rocket.

Joe Barnard, passionate about aerospace, began in 2015 to work on the idea of ​​replicating SpaceX's Falcon 9 model.

He always dreamed of working in aeronautics.

While he studied in the field of music, he launched this challenge in the hope of attracting the attention of Elon MUSK, and being offered a job.

But his ambitions don't stop there, his next project, named "Meat Rocket" aims to create a larger rocket capable of reaching suborbital space, at an altitude of 100 km.

Of course, we will inform you of its projects which are just out of the ordinary on Instagram and on our website (link in bio).

Who knows where this passion will take him?

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